Thursday, 18 February 2016

Improve your methods by logging pest control events in Trapview

In this month’s post we are going to show you how you can make most out of the Events tab feature in our Trapview WEB application and why it is important to log your pest control activities.

By logging the events such as change of sticky plate, change of lure (pheromone) and spraying, you are able to get much clearer picture on what was going on during the season and which measures were taken at what moment.

In Trapview WEB application the spraying events are shown against the pest occurrence data on the Pest chart and one can easily see whether the measures taken produced the desired effects or not.

Furthermore, logging events makes post-season analysis and pre-season preparations more intelligent. Continuous historical data stretching over several seasons enables a critical insight in the dynamics of pests in connection to insect control activities and thus provides a great basis for applying best practices consistently over the years.

Note: Please make sure the trap location is set before you start logging events for a given trap. Please refer to the instruction manual or help menu in Trapview WEB application.