Thursday, 23 June 2016

Is pest population declining or is sticky plate full?

Assessing peak flight of the target pest species is one of the key tasks in insect monitoring when taking the crop protection measures. You miss a few days and effectiveness of the crop protection products could be reduced by even 40%.

With Trapview the users can assess the peak flight by following statistical data provided under the Pest chart tab like it is shown in the picture below. There is a curve clearly visible indicating that the peak flight has been reached. But is this really the case here?

If we take a closer look at the timeline of daily images, it is evident that there has been no sticky surface available for new pests to be caught for a few days now, which could mistakenly lead the users to think the peak flight was already reached. The consequence of this is misapplication of insecticides and risking development of resistance to insecticide in pests.

To ensure consistent trapping results and avoid risking insecticide misapplication, make sure enough sticky surface is always available for new pests to be caught efficiently. Therefore, sticky pads need to be changed regularly or as soon the gluing surface is covered with wing dust, dirt or other debris. So whenever you see a similar picture to the one below, make sure the sticky pad is changed as quickly as possible and mark this event in the Event tab.